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Get the MO SZRC Participant agreement release and assumption of risk 2012-2020

I may unsubscribe to emails from Sky Zone at any time. Participant Signature if 18 or older Date PARENT S OR LEGAL GUARDIAN S ADDITIONAL INDEMNIFICATION Must be completed for participants under the age of 18 Participant 1 First Name Minor being permitted by SZRC to participate in its activities and to use its equipment and facilities I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless SZRC from any and all claims which are brought by or on behalf of Minor and which are in any way connected with...
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Comments and Help with skyzone waiver form

What is SKY ZONE participant agreement, release and assumption of risk Form?

This form is a document that proves that the applicant and the responsible party are aware of the whole set of services LLC Sky Zone Franchise Group, their agents, managers, officers, affiliates, volunteers, employees, representatives and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on their behalf. also by this document, the applicant and all the responsible parties agree by filling this document that participants are in good physical condition and able to use the SZ equipment and/or to participate in SZ activities at their own risk.

What is the Purpose of SKY ZONE participant agreement, release and assumption of risk Form?

The main purpose of this form is to state, that the participants and their responsible parties fully recognize that they are responsible for participation in SZ activities, which entails knowledge of unanticipated risks of physical/emotional injuries, paralysis, death, or any other damage. This form states the participants understanding of such risks, it states, that the participants have read SZ’s posted rules and regulations and by filling and signing this form, they agree to comply with these rules and regulations.

When is SKY ZONE participant agreement, release and assumption of risk Due?

There is no particular due date to this form. However, this form should be filled with correct and up-to date information and be filed prior using any SZ equipment and/or participate in any and all SZ activities.  

Is SKY ZONE participant agreement, release and assumption of risk Accompanied by Other Documents?

SKY ZONE participant agreement, release and assumption of risk is self sufficient and does not require the accompaniment of any other documents.

What Information do I Provide in SKY ZONE participant agreement, release and assumption of risk Form?

By filling signing and filing this waiver every participants acknowledges that in case anyone is hurt or any property is somehow damaged during the use of SZ equipment or participation any SZ activities the participant may be found to have waived the right to maintain a lawsuit against SZ by a court of law.

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Instructions and Help about skyzone waivers form
Welcome to sky Zone indoor trampoline park the ultimate 3d play experience all of our activities take place on these gigantic all trampoline walls playing courts although we offer something for almost any age shape or ability it is a physical activity and in some cases an extreme sport participation in a skyzone game or activity carries with it potential for serious injury so always be aware of your surroundings and positioning on the court jumpers should always be separated by size be aware of who is jumping next to you at all times and participate only with jumpers similar in size to you as you jump always remember to fly safe this is easily achieved by following these few very important rules everyone that enters the sky zone playing chord must have a completed sky zone liability release waiver on file those under 18 must have this waiver signed and completed by their parent or legal guardian before entering the court make sure you have emptied your pockets and have nothing in your mouth and please remove all hats excessive clothing or jewelry with any metal keep your jumps contained to the trampolines avoid jumping or landing on the pads whenever possible please do not climb up the walls or touch any of the pads at the top of the courts you may bounce and flip off the side walls but use caution and always land in the first trampoline next to the wall you bounced off of you must be in control of your body at all times any type of flipping can be dangerous we allow single flips but no double flipping is allowed regardless of your ability keep all your flips contain to one trampoline do not flip over the pads from one trampoline to another do not attempt to move or trick that you are not capable of or anything that is outside your physical ability there is no pushing tackling running racing piggybacking wrestling for horseplay of any kind double-bouncing is very dangerous and should always be avoided do not sit or lie on the court if you are tired and need to rest please do so off the court or in the designated rest areas and finally always listen to your court monitors for additional instructions and direction we want you to have an enjoyable and memorable experience at sky Zone remember have fun and fly safe you